IQT (Initial Qualification Training) / Szkolenie podstawowe

A-10C Training programs / Programy szkoleń na A-10C
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IQT (Initial Qualification Training) / Szkolenie podstawowe

Post by ptako » Tue Jul 25, 2017 7:52 am

A-10C IQT (Initial Qualification Training)

Prior to first sortie trainees are required to perform technical setup (DCS, mods, skins, SimpleRadio, TacView etc.)
Instructors and other pilots would gladly help with possible issues.

A-10C IQT1: Cockpit familiarization
1.1 Panels and instruments naming and locations.
1.2 Checklists
1.3 Start up sequence
1.3.1 Radio communication during start up sequence
1.5 Shutdown sequence
1.6 Check ride CR/IQT1 (Q or Q- allows cadet to advance to IQT2)

A-10C IQT2: Aerodrome procedures and patterns
2.1 Taxiing and take-off
2.1.1 Airport diagrams
2.1.2 Radio communication during taxiing, holding short and line-up for take-off
2.2 Airfield patterns (DVFR and NVFR)
2.2.1 Naming conventions in airfield patterns
2.2.2 Flying circuit pattern ACP1
2.2.3 Flying circuit pattern ACP2
2.2.4 Flying basic IFR pattern
2.3 Check ride CR/IQT2 (Q or Q- allows cadet to advance to IQT3)

A-10C IQT3: Basic flight maneuvers
3.1 Aviation Charts
3.1.1 Standard departures
3.1.2 Standard arrivals
3.1.3 Overhead break
3.2 Formation flying
3.2.1 Different formations and visual cues/references
3.2.2 Rejoining and changing formations
3.2.3 Lost wingman procedures
3.2.4 Flying to zone and flight profiles (climbing, route, descending)
3.3 Basic aerobatics
3.4 Check ride CR/IQT3 (Q or Q- allows cadet to advance to IQT4)

A-10C IQT4: Navigation and navigation systems
4.1 Embedded GPS/INS (EGI)
4.1.1 CDU basics
4.1.2 Waypoints, markpoints, steerpoint and flightplans
4.1.3 Using FLTPLN, MARK, MSN modes for ad hoc navigation
4.1.4 Creating waypoints by entering coordinates (L/L, MGRS, OFFSET, capturing SPI)
4.1.5 Creating markpoints
4.1.6 Creating flightplans
4.2 TACAN navigation
4.2.1 TACAN departures
4.2.2 Flying TACAN radials
4.2.3 TACAN Yardstick
4.2.4 TACAN arrival and landing approach
4.2.5 Flying DME Arc with TACAN
4.3 ILS approaches
4.5 Check ride CR/IQT4 (Q or Q- allows cadet to advance to IQT5)

A-10C IQT5: Emergency procedures
5.1 Out of control recovery
5.2 Ejection
5.3 Fuel system emergencies
5.4 Electrical system emergencies
5.5 Engine emergencies
5.5.1 EFATO (Engine failure after take-off)
5.5.2 Single engine restart
5.5.3 Windmill engine airstart
5.5.4 Engine/APU fire
5.6 Hydraulic systems emergencies
5.6.1 Left hydraulic system failure
5.6.2 Right hydraulic system failure
5.6.3 Both hydraulic systems failure
5.6.4 MRFCS approach and landing (Manual Reversion Flight Control System)
5.7 Check ride CR/IQT5 (Q or Q- allows cadet to become A-10C IQT graduate)

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